Friday, March 23, 2007

Woodsmen's Team Competes in 50th Annual Forestry Conclave

HCC's lumberjacks fielded a team of 6 to participate in the 50th annual Forestry Conclave in Crossville, Tennessee March 15-17. The event, hosted this year by the University of Tennessee, brought 16 other forestry clubs from baccalaureate forestry programs throughout the southeast. While the Haywood team competed on a non-point basis, Josh "Tiny" Roten and Jason Jones finished with the fastest times in two events, men's bowsaw and the log roll, while Jay Blackburn had the third best score in the axe-throw. (Carhartt representatives had to give up a couple of new baseball caps after daring Tiny and JJ to finish first in the log roll!). Team members also had ample opportunity to practice their academic forestry skills in stand volume estimation, wood identification, dendrology, wildlife identification, compass-and-pacing, and other technical events.
NC State, Virginia Tech, and Alabama A&M Universities gave Haywood a nod (and fan support!) in an attempt to vote the forestry club into the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs. Currently there are no forestry clubs from 2-year programs in this association, but Haywood's strong showing will hopefully open up the potential for future consideration. Forestry Club advisors Blair Bishop and Jim Hamilton were also able to catch up with old friends and colleagues and talk up our program and students.

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Peter said...

In my experience the 2 year forestry schools have stronger woodsmen's teams than many of the 4 year schools. I'm glad to see you participating at this event.