Friday, May 4, 2007

Arbor Day at HCC

Over 100 HCC and early college students and faculty gathered last Friday at the mill pond for a barbeque lunch and tree-planting ceremony to celebrate Arbor Day. The event was organized by the Division of Natural Resources and student volunteers from the Forestry Club and Wildlife club. Blair Bishop provided an update on HCC's Sustainability Initiative and Doug Staiger presented a brief history of the demise of the American chestnut and ongoing efforts to bring it back to the Appalachians. Dr. Johnson accepted 6 American chestnuts on behalf of the college to be planted around campus. The chestnut seedlings, donated by University of Tennesee's forestry department (and very hard to come by!) are products of the American Chestnut Foundation's initiative to produce chestnut-blight resistant trees.

Dave Dudek, Fish and Wildlife Management Instructor, also spoke about past and present student-led initiatives on recycling and water-quality improvement to meet the environmental challenges in the local and regional area. HCC is committed to enhancing the capacity for sustainable technology adoption and is moving towards more "green" practices for the college and the community such as: a campus-wide recycling program, stormwater runoff capture, improved slope development, sustainable construction technology, and alternative fueled vehicles.

Dr. Rose Johnson, HCC President, addressed the student and faculty crowd gathered for Arbor Day on campus April 27.

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