Sunday, September 30, 2007

Forestry Grad Checks in from El Salvador

Jennifer Buckley (HCC Class of '07) recently arrived in El Salvador to begin 2 years of service as an agroforestry extension volunteer with the US Peace Corps. She reports....
"El Salvador is a lovely Country.. Very tropical, with about 28 volcanoes, which I pass 2 or 3 everyday on my ride from town to my small village. I wake up at 6 every morning to like 5 rooster calls, take a cold bucket bath, (which is surprisingly ok)..My home is small but full of trees. We have several banana and plantain trees, lemon trees and this strange small orange fruit i can’t pronounce the name of yet. The family is very sweet and patient with me learning Spanish. They feed me 3 square meals a day..a lot of grilled plantains, beans, tortillas, fruit, meats, rice…sometimes they give me oodles of noodles for breakfast, with a cookie...those mornings are funny. Transportation is interesting too, like a pick-up truck with a giant cage in the truck bed, with like 30 people back there. I am learning Spanish pretty well, like 6- 8 hours on certain is very intense, and difficult..but it is total immersion..not to mention my agroforestry training…Composting, Vermiculture..Yesterday I worked on a farm with a farmer..4 hours clearing land with a machette...I have some blisters and a sore arm..but it was great!!! Anyways there is some insight to what’s happening with me.."

If you'd like to drop her a line via 'snail mail', you can write to her at:

Jennifer Buckley
Cuerpo De Paz- El Salvador
Correo Gobierno
Apartado Postal # 1947
San Salvador, El Salvador
Centro America

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