Wednesday, February 6, 2008

HCC Forestry Grad Checks in from El Salvador

Jennifer Buckley (HCC '07 Forestry Grad) began her Peace Corps service as an Agroforestry Volunteer in El Salvador in September. She reports....
"Hi everyone! its been little while since my last big email, and for those of you who dont know i've made it to my community up in the northern part of the country, Santa Ana. My village is very cute and i am enjoying the new friends and learning the language, mejorando poco a poco (little by little). I am currently living with a family, and should be leaving sometime at the end of this month for my own little house; the one i live in now is adobe with a lovley garden. I will have spent about 3 months with this family. I've been working on a latrine project that will start next month maybe, and a rabbit project which has been fun (see the picture of one of our giant rabbits). We (the volunteer in my site who's about to leave and I) took some folks from my community to a workshop at an agricultural school for caring and breeding rabbits. I am amazed that i can now make a full fledged rabbit cage; it takes 4 hours or so. Also I've been given a new puppy, her name is Moxy, and she's very brava..meaning shes kinda mean, and growls when anyone but me trys to touch her. A good dog to take care of me i suppose. This past couple of days I've been with friends and we had a big Peace Corps vs. El Salvadorean soccer game. I'm doing well and miss everyone very much. I hope to hear from you all soon."

You can write Jen at:

Jennifer Buckley
Apartado Postal NO. 7
Metapan, El Salvador
Centro America

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