Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hort Students Deliver Lettuce to Campus Cafe

You may remember the Pigeon River Rats from the Creative Juice Competition. Well their idea was not only creative, it was a horticultural success. They delivered their first hydroponic lettuce crop (produced in system built from recycled materials (except for the pumps) to the Campus Cafe today. It will be used to make your lunches!

Horticulture instructors George, John, and Buddy are working with the Cafe manager to increase the supply of local student-produced food to the cafe. This initial small delivery is just the start. Horticulture students are producing a second lettuce crop on larger system and cleaned out an additional hydroponic system and seeded herbs today.

Students enrolled in Greenhouse Production will also be producing lean-and-lower tomatoes for the Cafe this spring.

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