Monday, April 6, 2009

Forestry Club Hike 3...

On Saturday, March 4th 2009, Natural Resources Technician, Bob Pinkston, took members of the Forestry club to Middle Prong Wilderness in the Pisgah National Forest. The Students walked 2 miles up a Forest Service road, then dropped down to Right Hand Prong and climbed the creek for approximately a mile to the base of a waterfall for lunch. The creek was running strong after many days of rain and the footing was pretty dangerous. We had to climb up and over a series of waterfalls to reach our destination. There was lots of crawling on all fours under some rhododendron slicks and sometimes removing shoes to get across some of the wide spots. After the lunch break we came down through the forest to a spot outside of the wilderness boundary to dig ramps for supper. Some of the students had never seen or eaten this tasty wild onion and as the pictures show, were up to there elbows digging the ramps. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this very private experience in a place I have only taken a handful of friends over the last 30 years that I have been going here. I have NEVER encountered another person when I have been there, or even seen signs of anyone being there.
We identified a few wild flowers that are beginning to emerge. Our next trip will be in a few weeks and we are planning on having former professor and dendrology/wild flower expert, John Palmer, join us to share some of his incredible knowledge. Hope more of our students can come, enjoy, and learn from this fine man, one of my personal favorite people in the world. Enjoy the pictures.

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