Thursday, April 23, 2009

Haywood Sawmill Awake After Long Nap!

As part of a US Forest Service and Wood Education Resource Center grant that the college received last year, the sawmill at HCC sprang to life this morning. The mill has been out of commission since 2003 when low enrollments in the curriculum programs forced its closure. However, after several weeks of repairs and retrofits, Scott Page, facilities team leader and former sawmilling instructor, along with other former sawmilling instructors, fired up the mill in preparation for a short course to be offered at the end of April. On April 30 and May 1, Scott will be teaching a free course on Log Grading and Scaling to Haywood's Forest Management Technology sophomore students and other interested industry participants. The wood products industry has suffered a severe decline in demand over the last year during the global economic crisis--several local mills have halted production or closed their doors. Through this grant program, Haywood hopes to offer short-course training programs to train personnel to keep the industry competitive. For more information on Haywood's Wood Products Training program and the USFS/WERC grant, please contact Scott Page at, or

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