Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ramp Sustainability Project

(From left to right: David Cozzo, RTCAR; Larry Blythe, Vice-Chief, ECBI; Buddy Tignor, DNRM, HCC; Seth Holling, Project Contractor; Tommy Cabe, ECBI Tribal Forester)

EBCI Natural Resources Department begins Ramp Project
(Story provided by Lynn Harlan, PR Officer for EBCI).

This week the EBCI Natural Resources Department began a project to study ramps, ramp gathering techniques and long term resource management of specific ramp patches. The project, funded in part by the Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources, will plant ramp bulbs in patches through out the tribal reserves for observation. During the study, traditional harvesting techniques will be compared to other types of harvesting methods to determine the long term affects of harvesting on the ramp populations. The partnership, which includes Haywood Community College, the Eastern Band and RTCAR, is a multi-tiered project which includes study of the natural habitat, harvesting techniques, resource management and long term effects of environmental changes on specific populations of ramps.

Tommy Cabe, project coordinator for EBCI Natural Resources, said, “this project is a collaboration of several agencies which will finally dispel myths about ramp gathering and its long term affects on the ramp population. We hope that through this project we can demonstrate methods which other agencies can use to manage our traditional resources.”

---------- Additional Notes -----------

Larry Blythe and Tommy Cabe are both alumni of the Forest Management Technology Program at HCC. HCC is providing storage for the 10,000 ramp bulbs that will planted during the project. There are several HCC students who are planning to assist in the research project. The students will be planting bulbs in the research plots.

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