Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009 Great Smoky Mountain Trout Festival

Haywood Community College had a large number of student volunteers assist in the Catch Clinic at the 20th Annual Great Smoky Mountain Trout Festival. Our students volunteered their time to teach young children about fishing regulations, casting, boat safety, respect for natural resources, and the great fun of fishing for trout. Additionally, Dave Dudek and Shannon Rabby donated their time to coach the kids and organize volunteers. Fish and Wildife, Forestry, and even a horticulture student participated. ...and of course, as always, Jenny Carver was there helping out everyone.

Dave Dudek teaches kids the fine art of casting.

Shannon Rabby and two HCC students teach young children about Boat Safety during this 'active' demo.

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Anonymous said...

My son learned new skills and had fun. The best of both worlds. Angie