Monday, October 5, 2009

Haywood Lumberjacks Reclaim Cradle Title...BIGTIME

The HCC Lumberjacks piled on victory after victory to win by a 73 point margin at the 14th Annual John G. Palmer Intercollegiate Woodsmens meet at the Cradle of Forestry on Saturday. After a close 2nd place finish in 2008, "redemption" was an understatement this weekend. Weeks of practice and leadership by Forestry Club President, Jeremy Graves and Team Captain, Daniel Jones certainly paid off.

After a hearty lumberjack breakfast served by Blacksmithing Instructor, David Burnette and crew, Haywood got off to an early victory in Quiz Bowl as sophomores Bill Sweeney, Dawn Salley, Derek Morgan, and Cory Walsh handily beat NC State in the first round and Montgomery Community College in the finals. Haywood's archers kept up the tempo with a first and second place finish, and HCC's defending log roll team of Frank Potts, Jeremy Graves, Dawn Salley, and Rance Rogers made their under-a-minute win look easy. The lumberjacks placed in almost every event, but secured a blowout with other 1st place finishes in the following events:

Pulp Toss--Haywood's Sophomore A-Team
Water Boil--Derek Morgan
Pole Climb--Seth Snow
Bolt Split-- Jarrett Guffey
Jack and Jill Crosscut--Daniel Jones and Dawn Salley
Men's Crosscut--Daniel Jones and Chris Chappell
Single Buck--Daniel Jones
Men's Chainsaw--Daniel Jones
Women's Horizontal Speed Chop--Sarah Miller

Video: Seth Snow sprints to the finish in the Pole Climb Event

Video: Men's Crosscutters Daniel Jones and Chris Chappell take 1st.

Many thanks to the faculty, staff, and volunteers who made the 2009 event such an overwhelming success!

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