Monday, November 2, 2009

Dendrology and Local History Collide....

One of the favorite classes both Wildlife and Forestry students take at HCC is dendrology. To learn the over one hundred species of trees and plants that we require, many hours of field trips are needed so students see the forest types that all of the plants occupy. We get the students out to many areas and expose all of the ones not from the area to many historic and recreational opportunities that this region offers. Last week all of the 6 sections of labs were taken to Cataloochee Valley to be tested and see new species that are in the valley.

They are now learning how to identify all the trees by twigs and buds, winter tree ID. The 3.5 mile hike took them to the Woody house, a historic home of one of the original settlers in the valley before it became a National Park. Here are a few pictures of one of the six sections of lab that were on the house porch, sitting on a log bridge crossing a stream, and as we left they got to see some of the elk that have been reintroduced into the valley.

This is at the end of rut season, but some of the bulls are still bugling for females. This is just one of the awesome filed trips this class offers to all freshmen in Natural Resource Management class that has become a favorite of the two years spent here. (post by Bob Pinkston)

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