Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Team Results and Photos

HCC Mid Atlantic Team Results:

Johnny Manuel, 2nd Place, Dendrology
Rance Rogers, 2nd Place, Archery
Myles, 4th Place, Archery
Frank Potts, Jermemy Graves, Rance and Dawn, 2nd Place, Team Log Roll
Jeremy Graves, Frank Potts, Rance Rogers, Heather Franklin, Lee, and Alex, 1st Place, Pulp toss for Accuracy
Jared Guffey, 1st place, Men's Axe Throw
Alex, 1st place, Men's Axe Throw
Rance Rogers, 1st place, Chainsaw
Daniel Jones and Rance Rogers, 1st place, Cross Cut
Dawn Salley and Sarah Miller, 1st place, Cross Cut
Daniel Jones and Dawn Salley, 1st place, Cross Cut
Derek Morgan and Heather Franklin, 3rd place, Water Boil
Daniel Jones, 1st place, Single buck
James Judge, 2nd place, Single buck
Daniel Jones, 1st place, Speed Chop
Braxton Spurlin, 2nd place, Speed Chop
Sarah Miller, 2nd place, Speed Chop
Jared Guffey, 1st place, Bolt Split
Rance Rogers, 2nd place, Bolt Split
Dawn Salley, 3rd place, Bolt Split

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