Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soils and Hydrology in the Highlands....

Students enrolled in FOR 173 Soils and Hydrology visited an old friend this week. Dr. Jim Hamilton, former instructor & current Watagua County Extension Director, spent the entire time teaching the group and arranged for guest speakers to teach the students about wetland soils and wetlands delineation, constructed wetlands, forest soils, Christmas tree farming, and road construction.

Brian Chatham the Watagua County Soil and Water District Technician spent numerous hours engaging the students about soil management and gave them a good dose of theory as well as practical knowledge and 'know how'.

Our overnight campsite/accommodations were generously provided by Harry Yates an longtime Christmas Tree grower outside Boone, NC. ...and talk about your small world, Harry's son was a graduate of the Horticulture Technology Program at Haywood Community College. Our departmental alumni are truly everywhere!

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Jim Hamilton said...

Great visit! Glad ya'll could make it up.