Monday, May 3, 2010

Aerial Photo and Interpretation....

Spring semester is rapidly coming to a close and Forest Management sophomores are ready to take the skills learned at HCC to the field and begin a career in the profession. One of the last classes they take is
aerial photo interpretation and surveying. The last half of the semester is devoted to learning how to operate some of the basic pieces of equipment in surveying. The Dumpy level is shown here with student Billy Lagrange completing a lab exercise in differential leveling. Students also do three lab exercises using the Topcon total station to do a closed and an open traverse. These skills give students the ability to locate property lines, establish new boundary lines, and to layout forest roads. Some students in the past have taken this class and really felt surveying was something that would interest them for a career and have landed great paying jobs with local surveyors and the Department of Transportation as equipment operators and survey crew leaders. Many jobs have came to students that take advantage of any and all skills acquired while attending Haywood Community College in the Natural Resources Division. (Post by Bob Pinkston)

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