Tuesday, May 4, 2010

High Tunnels

The Organic Crop Production class recently spent time converting an old, unused greenhouse into a high tunnel. High tunnels are essentially unheated greenhouses, relying on the "greenhouse effect" of the plastic covering to warm the soil and plants within. The advantages to such a production method include: 1) reduced fuel costs (no supplemental heating rquired), 2) season extension (plants can be started earlier in the season or grown later into the fall) and 3) protection from the elements (rain, hail and cold).

Tomato and pepper transplants have already been planted (a full month earlier than normal for our area). Next year we will be growing cool loving vegetables in Janurary to supply the school cafeteria.

In keeping with the class theme, all crops will be grown organically using natural fertilizers and "safe" pesticides.

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