Monday, August 30, 2010

Forest Mensuration Summer 2010

Summer classes in Forest Management have students in the forest or on the trails for most of the semester. This past summer, the Forest Mensuration class took our annual trip to Mount Lynn Lowery, one of 19 peaks in Haywood County over 6,000 feet in elevation. We take this hike the last day of class and along the hike to the top conduct the final field exam by using all the tools and skills students have learned during the 4-week class. We begin the hike at 3,700 feet in elevation crossing through many different forest types while conducting measurements and species composition inventory as we climb to the peak of the mountain. It is a very physical lab exam, but most of the summer labs are physical in nature and alert the students that there is a large physical component to working within our forest resources in this profession. This group of students (photo), are rising sophomores in the Forest Management program. All arrived home safe and sound; though maybe a little weary from the 16-mile hike. From the smiles in the picture, the first 8 miles of uphill exam along the way did not discourage any of them from pursuing their degree and future in the forestry profession. Remember that the instructor, Bob Pinkston, is 3 times the age of most of these young students, so you could be embarrassed if you can't at least do what he can do. Come and take the challenge and enjoy our beautiful location while in the Forest Management program at Haywood Community College. (Post by J. Robert Pinkston, Forest Management Faculty)

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