Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NCSU LID Workshop @ HCC

Recently, 15 participants from the Low Impact Development (LID) program on campus, campus faculty, and our local professional design and engineering community participated in two part workshop on LID and LEED. Part 1 was an Introduction to LID and LEED and Part 2 was Integrating LEED, LID, and Policy. Dwane Jones and Mitch Woodward, both from the LID group at NCSU's Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering provided hands-on instruction for the workshop. Part of the workshop included reviewing the campus for potential sites to improve storm water management with LID strategies.

NCSU is excited about our two-year program and we all hope the workshop will be an annual event. The program was sponsored by NCSU, our LID program, and HCC's Division of Continuing Education. (post by Tamara Graham)

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