Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wildlife graduate checks in from Alaska

Cory Walch, a 2010 graduate of the Fish and Wildlife Management Technology program, recently sent this email to instructor Shannon Rabby about his experiences working in Alaska.

Hey Shannon,

This is Cory Walch, sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch with you this summer has been really busy. Being able to work in Alaska this summer has really been an awesome experience. I have got to do and see things that I never would have dreamed possible. They are planning on keeping us working until until mid-November as long as the money holds out, so I will get to experience little bit of cold weather also.

Most of my summer has been comprised of radiotelemetry on moose, black bears, and wolves; I have also got a lot of experience observing the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales. Not only have we got to observe them we have been able to help with sonar imagery and hydroacoustics. I have attached a few pictures I have taken over the summer and a sound file of the beluga's clicks and whistles as they are feeding. I hope this semester is going well for you and that the Wildlife Club is as strong as ever. Thanks again for all of your advice and support.


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