Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forest Management Technology Students Visit Rust Screening Center

As part of their forest protection class students recently visited the rust screening center located at Bent Creek. The Resistance Screening Center established in 1973 evaluates seedling materials for resistance to disease - primarily fusiform rust and pitch canker as a service to tree improvement specialists, seed orchard managers, scientists, and others in government agencies, research institutions, and private industry. Testing enables clients to obtain information on the relative resistance of their materials, in much less time than is possible in field progeny tests. By using information from these tests, trees producing disease resistant progeny are identified. The center has developed aditional disease resistance screening procedures developed as disease problems have increased or changed. These include: Pitch canker disease, pitch canker seed fungi, chestnut blight, dogwood anthracnose, butternut canker decline, brown spot needle blight, white pine blister rust, specific gravity. (From:

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