Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DNRM Faculty actively recruit throughout the region...

Forestry Instructor, Bob Pinkston and Wildlife Instructor, Shannon Rabby went to Hayesville High School on Friday December 3rd, 2010, to talk with Mr Jones and his class of students about the wildlife and forestry curricula offered at Haywood Community College. We have had outstanding students from that high school in previous years and hope to continue with great results from these types of visits. If you are interested in having both of us or either one of us to come speak to your high school, please contact us by e-mail at; or , and we will make arrangements to come talk about our programs and job potential in these two fields of study. Many times our current students like for us to go back to their schools to recruit and get young people from where they grew up to come to HCC and see how awesome it is to take these classes we offer. As you can see in the photos, 4 current sophomores went with us to spread the word about HCC. Mr. Jones's son Daniel, seen in one picture, is almost ready to graduate from both programs. We love to visit and show the enthusiasm we have for what we do and how wonderful the careers are that allow us and our graduates to work in our forests of America and some have even gone overseas to offer help in managing natural resources. Please contact Shannon or me, Bob, if you would like us to come speak with you. Have a wonderful holiday season and as do most of my fellow faculty, we look forward to returning next semester and doing what we truly love to do.(post by Bob Pinkston)

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