Monday, December 20, 2010

LID Students tour Rich Cove Landslide Site

LID Students toured the Rich Cove Landslide site this November with Maggie Valley planning Director Nathan Clark and Town Manager Timothy Barth as part of their study of stream restoration and erosion control in the mountains. The Town of Maggie Valley led efforts to secure funding and stabilize the site following devastating landslides that occurred in February of this year. The slide extended 3000' from the top of the mountain, the location of the currently closed Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park, severely degrading streams and damaging several homes in its path. Lead partners in the restoration effort included the Town of Maggie Valley, the US Department of Agriculture (through Emergency Watershed Protection funding) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Engineers used sediment basins, erosion control fabric, live stakes and coconut fiber logs to stabilize the site and facilitate reforestation. (Post by Tamara Graham)

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