Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd LID Capstone Project

LID student Vicki Eastland recently completed her capstone project installation. Vicki worked with Sara Martin's Environmental Biology students as well as Leslie Smathers and Dwane Vanderhook of the Haywood County Soil and Water Conservation District. Working with the extension agents, Vicki led the students in sizing, designing and installing this pocket wetland which intercepts, detains, and filters pollutants from stormwater runoff from roofs and asphalt upstream of the site. Sara secured a minigrant for the project from the HCC Foundation and we have also received supplemental funds to maintain and enhance the project this fall from the Pigeon River Fund. Doug Chambers also filmed it to include in the LID recruiting video. (post by Tamara Graham)


nano said...
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nano said...

Nice doing by Vicki Eastland. We can also use some nanotech materials for the filtering our resources as silver nanoparticles & cobalt nanoparticles could be also useful.