Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fish & Wildlife Educational Workshop at HCC Daycare Center

One of our Fish and Wildlife Management students, Ashley Derks, provided an educational session for children at the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children at Haywood Community College. She put together an interactive tour of campus where the children learned more about plants and animals, which included identification, how to find various critters of the forest, trapping, and more. The indoor session involved more hands-on activities such as passing around mammal furs, use of vinyl animal track replicas so children can better learn wildlife identification via tracks, and more! We are certain that Ashley left a lasting impression with the children and are always happy when our students sacrifice their time to help others. Ashley serves as Secretary to the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society at HCC. (posted by Chris Graves)


Sam said...

Great job Ashley!

radekisner34 said...
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radekisner34 said...

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