Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Osborne Tree

On September 12th, 2011, Haywood Community College made their annual visit to the historic Osborne Oak on highway 215, south of Canton, North Carolina. We take each class of dendrology students to this tree as we pass en route to see high elevation trees and work our way back down the mountain to observe low elevation trees in the early part of the semester. We take typical forest management measurements of the grand ole specimen and explain the history of the tree and the events it has lived through over hundreds of years. These measurements include: dbh (diameter at breast height), Total Height from ground surface to the terminal most bud, and the average crown spread of the widest limbs and the shortest limb width in feet. The tree has a dbh of 66.4 inches through at breast height, a total height of 84 feet, and an average crown spread of 77.7 feet. The tree exists in a very stressful site right adjacent to the highway but has still survived over all of these years and through some historic events. In spite of all of this the tree still looks pretty healthy and seems to be doing much better than a lot of us.
(post by Bob Pinkston)

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