Monday, October 24, 2011

Bethel Elementary Site Visit

Second year LID students toured innovative stormwater BMPs at Bethel Elementary School in late September with Haywood Waterways Association Executive Director Eric Romaniszyn. A series of interconnected stormwater BMPs, including constructed wetlands, bioswales, a rain tank and rain gardens capture and treat stormwater runoff from impervious such as roofs and parking lots before the water reaches the stream. Teachers at the school utilize these features as educational opportunities, integrating them with the K-5 curriculum. Haywood Waterways Association partnered with the Haywood Soil and Water Conservation District to spearhead the project which received support from the Haywood County School Board and other partners and funding from numerous sources, including the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Bethel Elementary School currently serves as a model demonstration project for the design of other environmentally sensitive schools in the future. (Post by Tamara Graves)

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