Monday, October 24, 2011

LID Students Tour Conservation Development Drover’s Road Preserve

Second year LID students toured Drover’s Road Preserve, a conservation development on a 186-acre parcel located south of Asheville, NC. The development protected 59% of the acreage in a permanent conservation easement. LID BMPs (Best Management Practices) include roadside grass swales, bioretention areas, forested riparian buffers, stormwater wetland, and an infiltration meadow. The site planning and design of Drover’s Road is also perhaps one of its most important BMPs. Development is limited to the most suitable areas on the site, and sensitive areas such as steep slopes and riparian corridors are protected and conserved. Narrow, curbless roads allow water to sheet flow off of impervious areas and conserve maximum vegetation. The thoughtfully designed development is both environmentally friendly and a beautiful home for its residence. (Post by Tamara Graham)

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